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Cowboy hats, in history, have been an American symbol for the western horseman since 1862 when John B. Stetson invented it and sold it off his head to a passing cattleman. Cowboy hats became an instant hit not only for its fashionable look, but for the protection it offers to the cowboy. The wide-brim cowboy hats offer protection from the torturous cold wind and rain and from the sun's blistering rays. The cowboy hat is also great for fanning fire and perfect for fetching water in the crown of the cowboy hat. This lasting image is depicted in Stetson's "The Last Drop," where a cowboy offers his last drop of water out of his cowboy hat to his trusty sidekick (horse). Due to the usefulness the cowboy hat offers, it became a necessity in the cowboy's daily outfit.

Cowboy Hat Information - Ronald Reagan Wearing Cowboy HatThroughout American history, we have seen cowboy hats worn by not only the average cowboy, but by actors, musicians, and presidents. We have seen Tom Mix, a very successful actor born on January 6, 1880 in Mix Run, Pennsylvania, was famous for wearing Stetson cowboy hats on movie sets. Tom Mix's greatest achievements were for his roles in western silent films such as "Ranch Life in the Great Southwest." In history, we have also seen Leonard Franklin Slye, become widely successful and famous as Roy Rogers, a singer and cowboy actor. In 1928, Slye became "Roy Rogers" in "Under Western Stars" after Gene Autry breached his movie contract. The Roy Rogers Radio Show aired for nine years before making the transition to television from 1951 through 1964. Roy Rogers and Dale Evans Rogers sang the famous hit song "Happy Trails" over the end credits of the program. Throughout his great career, cowboy hats became synonymous with Roy Rogers as he is always seen donning different cowboy hats. The culture defining "The Lone Ranger" also donned a cowboy hat. The Lone Ranger became known as the masked cowboy who brought justice to the old west, usually with his American Indian sidekick, Tonto. Cowboy Hats have become a common attire worn by many presidents from the early 1940 President Roosevelt to Hoover on through President Ford, Reagan and current 2006 President Bush.

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