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Bangora Bangora straw is sometimes referred to as Bandera straw and Bangkok weave. Bangora straw hat bodies are actually made out of paper of a lower grade "Washi," usually made in China. Most of the times, the Bangora hat bodies are unglazed and tend to be less durable. (Note: many times, hat companies will simply call these Chinese paper hat bodies, Shantung because they are similar to the Japanese paper hat bodies.) Bangora hats are unique because they are one of very few woven hats to be woven with a machine. This is why all Bangora hats have a perpendicular weave pattern.

Ramie (Boehmeria Nivea) Ramie is a flowering plant native to the Eastern Asia region. Ramie is one of the oldest fiber crops and has been used by ancient civilizations for producing various fabrics. Ancient Asian and Egyptian civilizations have been using Ramie for over six thousand years. Ramie is a very strong natural fiber and retains great strength when wet. Ramie is also know for its ability to retain its shape. These are great qualities for making straw hats. [Currently, China is the leading producer of Ramie]

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